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Our investment strategy at Croft Leominster is based on the generation of stock ideas and conducting due diligence research and analysis. We follow a methodical multi-step process for picking stocks resulting in a portfolio that represents our best ideas.


From the Ox's Mouth

(articles offering unique perspectives)

How China is Changing Your Dinner Plate
A discussion of the pervasive impact of increased Chinese demand on California agriculture.

Birth Order is Basically Meaningless
Looks like it might be a little more difficult to blame it on "Middle Child Syndrome"...

UNSW Professor Heads to the UN to Call for Ban on Killer Robots
With drone technology and artificial intelligence advancing by the day, are we sowing the seeds of a future that looks eerily like the Sci-Fi classic, 'The Terminator'?

Instilling Empathy Among Doctors Pays Off for Patient Care
An increased focus on understanding the patient could be an important cog in the solution to stemming the exponential rise in healthcare costs.

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