At Croft Leominster we are value oriented with a contrarian bent. The firm is set up around idea generation, which come from a variety of sources - both internal and external. We're classic stock pickers who look at stocks from the bottom up.

We are focused on value, and do not limit ourselves by market capitalization; this allows us to opportunistically take advantage of changes in the market. We apply our investment process to companies of all sizes and sectors, identifying what we believe are undervalued small, mid and large-capitalization stocks.

We are committed to a long-term, patient investment strategy. We seek to buy stocks at "60-cents-on-the-dollar" and hold them for at least 3-5 years. We believe this offers our investors the potential for higher returns over time.

We believe our approach to value is a sensible way to invest for the long-term. We try to buy shunned or overlooked stocks when no one else is buying - at a price below the company's intrinsic value. A gap between a company's business value and its current stock price creates opportunities. We focus on depressed stocks that are temporarily out of favor, and after carefully evaluating the companies' strengths and risks, invest in those whose stock prices don't fully reflect their true value.

Please contact us at 800 746-3322 or use our info request form to find out more about the services that Croft-Leominster has to offer to retail and institutional investors.


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